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Alan Jackson’s Xcel Energy Rebrand With Bold New Look

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Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson recently parted ways with his longtime music label, Sony Music Nashville. In a recent press release, Alan shared that he wanted to move in a “different musical direction.” Alan Jackson’s new Xcel Energy branding reflects this change and features a bold, new look that is sure to catch your eye. The new Xcel Energy branding was created by the design team at Pentagram and features an eye-catching color palette that includes blue and green. The logo, in particular, has been given a modern update that features curved lines and an angular shape. The goal of the redesign was to create a more “accessible” brand that would be resonating with consumers on a deeper level. According to Alan Jackson, the new look was inspired by his love of aviation and energy. If you want to see more of Alan Jackson’s latest work, be sure to check out his website and social media platforms!

Alan Jackson’s Xcel Energy Rebrand

Alan Jackson’s Xcel Energy Rebrand With Bold New Look

Alan Jackson’s Xcel Energy Rebrand is a bold new look for the country music icon and his company. The rebrand features a fresh, modern design that is sure to appeal to fans and businesses alike. The new logo and visual identity reflect Alan’s passion for country music while also showing off his energy and enthusiasm for the industry.

The rebrand was inspired by Alan’s love of nature and travel, as well as his admiration for the history and tradition of country music. The new branding incorporates elements of both traditional and contemporary country styles, making it clear that Alan Jackson remains one of the most popular and respected artists in the genre.

The new logo features an energetic eagle soaring above a bluegrass field, signifying Alan’s commitment to supporting local communities and promoting American culture. The rebrand also includes a revised website, social media platforms, and merchandise products that are sure to please fans old and new.

The New Look of Xcel Energy

After a decade of hard work and planning, Xcel Energy announced on Tuesday the launch of a bold new look for the company. The new logo, website, and marketing materials are all designed to emphasize the company’s core values and strengths: renewables, customer service, reliability, and innovation.

“We have been working on this rebranding project for over a year,” said Alan Jackson, CEO of Xcel Energy. “Our goal is to help our customers understand who we are as an organization and what we stand for.”

The new look was inspired by the company’s history and mission. “Xcel has always been at the forefront of energy innovation,” Jackson said. “We’re proud to be leading the way in clean renewable energy.”

Under the new branding, Xcel Energy will focus on four key areas: renewables, customer service, reliability, and innovation. The new logo features a modernized version of the iconic Xcel Energy shield with overlapping circles representing connection and diversity. The website features a menu bar at the top that highlights each of these areas in more detail.

The rebranding effort is part of an overall strategy overhaul that includes increasing efficiency & renewables initiatives – all while maintaining world-class customer service!

What’s Included in the Rebrand

Alan Jackson’s Xcel Energy Rebrand With Bold New Look

Alan Jackson, one of the most successful country music performers of all time and a longtime Xcel Energy customer, has rebranded his company with a new look and bold new direction. The overhaul was announced on AlanJackson.com on Monday (March 12), following a yearlong process that saw more than 50 employees from across the company interviewed and surveyed about what they wanted in a brand.

“I’m excited to unveil our new look and mission officially,” says Alan Jackson. “We’re committed to being the best electric provider for our customers and communities, and we’ll continue to lead the way in sustainable energy technologies.”

The new look is inspired by Alan Jackson’s music career, which has spanned more than 25 years. The brand identity includes bright colors, icons representing his songs, and an overall “cool” feel. A key part of the redesign is the transformation of Xcel Energy into an “electricity superpower,” offering innovative services like HomeStarter+, which provides free solar panels and a home battery to qualifying homeowners in select markets; SmartGrid+, which helps local governments manage their power grids; and ReadyForNext+, which prepares communities for future energy needs by helping them identify their renewable energy opportunities.

How the Rebrand Will Affect Consumers

Alan Jackson’s Xcel Energy Rebrand With Bold New Look

Since 2001, Alan Jackson’s music has been synonymous with the electricity company Xcel Energy. Today, the company is updating its branding to reflect this relationship, and the results are pretty striking. The new logo features an electric blue background with a white ‘X’ in the center. On either side of the ‘X’ are two yellow lightning bolts, hinting at both Jackson’s musical roots (electric guitars) and his connection to Xcel Energy (the nation’s largest provider of electricity).

The new branding is visual, but it also reinforces Xcel Energy’s values of sustainability, energy independence, and customer service. “We wanted to create a brand that was iconic and timeless,” says Paula Gonzalez, vice president for corporate marketing at Xcel Energy. “It’s representative of our company culture.”

The rebrand will be implemented across all aspects of the company—from advertising to employee uniforms—and it should have a positive impact on consumers as well. “This is a great example of how taking an innovative approach can help businesses stay ahead of the curve,” says Gonzalez. “The new branding will help us connect more with our customers and build stronger relationships.”


Alan Jackson has undergone a bold rebranding with Xcel Energy that focuses on the singer’s popular country music. The new look features an updated logo and color palette, along with improved website design and social media presence. In addition to this update, Jackson has also released a new album titled “The Lost Sessions: 1998-2014” which contains some of his most recent songs. With all of these changes in place, it is clear that Alan Jackson is looking to stay ahead of the curve and continue dominating the country music industry for years to come.

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