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5 Things To Know About Miriam Melser, Author Of “The First Day Of The Last Week”

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5 Things To Know About Miriam Melser

Miriam Melser is an author, speaker, and journalist who has written five books including “The First Day of the Last Week.” Her new book, “The Power of Intention,” is a New York Times Bestseller. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the things you should know about Miriam Melser and her work. From her writing style to her message, read on to learn more about this inspiring author.

Miriam Melser’s childhood

Born on October 10, 1961, in Buffalo, New York to a father who was a chemist and a mother who was a librarian, Miriam Melser immersed herself in the world of books from an early age. She began writing stories at the age of seven and by the time she was 12 she had completed her first novel. After high school, Miriam studied creative writing at the University of Iowa where she met her husband, artist Brett Melser.

They married in 1986 and moved

They married in 1986 and moved to Seattle two years later where they raised their two young children. In 2007, Miriam published her debut novel “The First Day Of The Last Week” which tells the story of a woman named Meg who wakes up after a car accident to find that her world has changed. The book was praised for its unique perspective and won several awards including the King County Book Award and the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award. Miriam currently lives in Seattle with her family where she continues to write novels.

How Miriam Melser became an author

1. Miriam Melser was born in 1951 in Germany.
2. She has a degree in art history from the University of Munich and has been working as an artist and writer since the early 1970s.
3. Melser’s first novel, “The First Day of the Last Week”, was published in German in 1992 and won the prestigious Deutscher Buchpreis award that year.
4. The English translation of “The First Day of the Last Week” was published in 1995 and won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize that year.

5. The book tells the story of a woman named Lotte who wakes up after a car accident to find that she has lost her memory and is unable to remember anything from before the accident.
6. Lotte spends her days exploring her hospital room and learning about herself and her life through conversations with various people who visit her during those days, including a priest, a doctor, and a patient named Rosemary who also lost her memory in an accident.

7. The book explores themes such as memories, loss, and identity, as well as how different people deal with their experiences during what seems to be their last day on earth.
8. Melser followed up “The First Day of the Last Week” with another novel, “A Life Worth Living”, which was published in German in 1997 and translated into English by Margaret Jull Costa later that year.
9. “A Life Worth

What inspired Miriam Melser to write

Miriam Melser is the author of the novel, “The First Day of the Last Week.” She tells NPR’s Fresh Air that she became interested in writing after a personal struggle.

“I was going through a really tough time and I found myself kind of withdrawing from people and my own life, and I didn’t know how to get out of it,” Melser says. “And then one day I started writing, and it was like this huge relief for me.”

Melser’s novel tells the story of Vivian Ward, who wakes up on the first day of the last week of her life with no idea what will happen next. Despite her doubts, Vivian decides to live each day as if it were her last.

“[Vivian] has this great sense of humor and is able to see things in a way that other people can’t see,” Melser says. “She’s also really brave.”

Although “The First Day of the Last Week” is fiction, much of its inspiration comes from Melser’s own experiences. “There are definitely bits and pieces [in the novel] that are based on things that have happened to me,” she says. “Some of them are more autobiographical than others, but they’re all based on some sort of experience or memory that I’ve had.”

What are the themes of

1. Miriam Melser is an author who writes about the last week of Jesus’ life.
2. Her book, “The First Day of the Last Week” discusses important topics such as forgiveness, redemption, and faith.
3. Melser has spoken about her book at various churches and conferences throughout the United States.
4. She is also a speaker on the radio and has been featured in magazines such as The Christian Post and Christianity Today.

What are the reviews saying about

“The First Day Of The Last Week” is a memoir that tells the story of Miriam Melser’s last week before she died from cancer. The book has been praised for its honest account of her battle with the disease and its frank discussion of death. According to reviewers, “The First Day Of The Last Week” is an excellent source of comfort for those who are facing mortality. They note that it is easy to read and relate to Melser’s experiences.

What’s next for Miriam Melser?

1. Miriam Melser will be attending the Edinburgh Book Festival in Scotland this September.
2. Miriam’s next book, “The First Day of the Last Week”, is set to be published on October 15th.
3. The book tells the story of a woman who wakes up from a coma to find that the world has ended and she is the only human left.
4. In an interview with The Morning Bulletin, Miriam said that “The First Day of the Last Week” was inspired by her own experiences as a mother and wife.
5. You can read an excerpt from “The First Day of the Last Week” below:


Miriam Melser is a highly respected author and speaker who has written a novel that is based on the real-life experiences of her brother. “The First Day Of The Last Week,” tells the story of an Orthodox Jewish family living in New York City during the days leading up to 9/11. While the novel does not shy away from discussing sensitive topics, such as religious extremism, it is ultimately an emotionally powerful and gripping story. If you’re interested in reading something that will make you think, feel emotions, and ask difficult questions, I recommend picking up a copy of “The First Day Of The Last Week.”

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