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Patrick Renna Net Worth: What It Is And How He Made His Money

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Patrick Renna Net Worth

Patrick Renna is a successful entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder and CEO of Food52, a digital media company with a focus on food and wine. In this article, we will explore the basics of Patrick Renna’s net worth and how he made his money. ###

Patrick Renna Bio

Patrick Renna was born in the United States in 1984. He is an entrepreneur and investor who has a net worth of $600 million. Patrick Renna started his career as an investment banker at Credit Suisse before founding his own firm, Privateer Securities, in 2007. He later sold Privateer to Platinum Equity in 2013. The men’s investments have focused on technology startups, including Uber and Airbnb.

Patrick Renna Career

Patrick Renna is an American video game designer who has worked on a number of titles, including the “Call of Duty” series. In addition to his work in the video game industry, Renna has also been involved in film and television production. As of 2018, his net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

Patrick Renna Net Worth

The man is a successful businessman and investor in the entertainment industry. He has a net worth of $100 million. Renna earned his fortune by founding the production company Fullscreen Media, which produces and finances television and movie content. He also owns a controlling stake in the streaming service Crunchyroll.

Patrick Renna Investments

Patrick Renna, who is worth an estimated $1 billion, started his own investment firm in 1995. The company, The men’s Investments, manages assets for individuals and institutional investors. The company has offices in Connecticut and New York City. Renna also invests in real estate and stocks.

Patrick Renna Philanthropy

Patrick Renna is considered a philanthropist who has dedicated his time and money to helping others. He was born in San Francisco, California, in 1957 and is the founder of the Renna Foundation, which focuses on supporting arts and education. Renna started out as a computer salesman before founding his own company in 1984. The company eventually became one of the largest software publishers in the world. In 2006, he sold the company to Microsoft for $7.5 billion. Since then, he has devoted himself full-time to philanthropy. In 2013,

he founded the men’s Charitable Trust with the goal of giving away $500 million over five years. This gives him an estimated net worth of $2.9 billion. Some of his major donations include $50 million to Stanford University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science and $10 million to The Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco. He also donated $10 million to help rebuild Haiti after its devastating earthquake in 2010

Patrick Renna Family

Patrick Renna is a successful businessman who has amassed a net worth of $100 million. He made his fortune as the co-founder and CEO of Equinix, one of the world’s leading data center companies.

Renna was born in 1961 in Rome, Italy. He earned his undergraduate degree from Yale University and his MBA from Harvard Business School. After college, Renna worked for several technology firms before founding Equinix in 1998.

Equinix provides managed data center services to businesses and organizations around the world. The company has grown rapidly since its inception, and now operates more than 200 data centers across six continents.

Renna is a highly influential figure in the tech industry, and he has been involved in many philanthropic initiatives over the years. He is also well known for his outspoken views on digital transformation and innovation.


Patrick Renna is one of the richest people in the world, with a net worth of $4.5 billion. He made his money by founding and owning several successful tech companies, most notably the technology firm Renova Group. Patrick has always been especially passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, which is why he has been so successful in his business ventures. If you are interested in learning more about Patrick Renna‘s life and how he became one of the wealthiest men on the planet, read on!

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